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Current music releases on Blu-ray with Dolby Atmos

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Experience the new immersive sound dimensions live at our events.

Immersive formats such as Dolby Atmos or AURO 3-D offer new listening experiences and therefore exciting possibilities for sound mixes and compositions. The full potential of these new formats can be fully experienced via loudspeakers. Immerse yourself in a new world of listening.

With Visions of Sound you experience the perfect symbiosis of hardware and software. Find out more about the latest trends, inspiring music productions and sound mixes.

Be in the middle of it instead of just in front!

Dolby Atmos


With more depth, clarity, and detail than ever before, Dolby Atmos helps you experience your favorite music, shows, and games more immersively.

No other technology is currently as prevalent as Dolby Atmos, with a sound experience created specifically by artists, engineers and other creative professionals.

Blu-ray Audio

For the living room, music on Blu-ray offers the best sound quality thanks to the high data rate and storage capacity of up to 100 GB. High fidelity sound in 24 bit and up to 192 kHz as well as additional video and multimedia content can be easily integrated. With Pure Audio Navigation, you also have the same operation as with a CD. Without a screen, sound formats can be selected directly via color keys on the remote control. This way you are right in the centre of things at home instead of just in front of them!

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Rodriguez Jr.
Feathers & Bones

Award-winning French music producer and live performer Olivier Mateu, better known as Rodriguez Jr, released his latest album “Feathers & Bones” on May 26 on his label of the same name. This technological masterpiece can be experienced as a Pure Audio Blu-ray with Dolby Atmos Mix and invites the listener into a more immersive soundscape.

The ten-track work was recorded over a two-year period and brings together a variety of Rodriguez Jr.’s musical facets. Conceived in Paris and completed in Miami during the pandemic, the album expresses the creativity and influence of the music of the 90’s that has greatly influenced Rodriguez Jr. Infused with the colors of the Miami skyline, “Feathers & Bones” shows the obvious influence of his new surroundings on his artistry.

Alongside opulent, driving and melodic instrumentals, the album’s highlights include feature guests such as legendary English hip-hop/electronica outfit Stereo MCs, Cuban-American singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Liset Alea (Nouvelle Vague) and Italian electronic producer and singer Giorgia Angiuli with her vocals.

The single “Tuning The Moon” is a surprising and exciting collaboration with Giorgia Angiuli. The song exudes a deep and brooding atmosphere, while the two producers build up a mysterious sound arrangement with melancholic chords, seductive synthesizers and captivating percussion.

For the singles “Amplify” and “Visions”, his partner and frequent collaborator Liset Alea (Nouvelle Vague) once again contributed her great voice. “Amplify” exudes hedonistic grooves that combine raw bass, heavenly synthesizers and Liset’s seductive vocals. The Pure Audio Blu-ray Dolby Atmos Edition also includes the bonus track “Visions” feat. Liset Alea in the Tim Engelhardt remix.

The album is the pivotal point for a new chapter in Rodriguez Jr.’s life and carries the personal alchemy he seeks in his live shows; oscillating between dreamy melodies, ethereal textures and kinetic beats. A must for all music lovers in search of an immersive listening experience.

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