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In the middle instead of just in front of it!

Current music releases on Blu-ray with Dolby Atmos

Visions of Sound

Experience the new immersive sound dimensions live at our events.

Immersive formats such as Dolby Atmos or AURO 3-D offer new listening experiences and therefore exciting possibilities for sound mixes and compositions. The full potential of these new formats can be fully experienced via loudspeakers. Immerse yourself in a new world of listening.

With Visions of Sound you experience the perfect symbiosis of hardware and software. Find out more about the latest trends, inspiring music productions and sound mixes.

Be in the middle of it instead of just in front!

Dolby Atmos


With more depth, clarity, and detail than ever before, Dolby Atmos helps you experience your favorite music, shows, and games more immersively.

No other technology is currently as prevalent as Dolby Atmos, with a sound experience created specifically by artists, engineers and other creative professionals.

Blu-ray Audio

For the living room, music on Blu-ray offers the best sound quality thanks to the high data rate and storage capacity of up to 100 GB. High fidelity sound in 24 bit and up to 192 kHz as well as additional video and multimedia content can be easily integrated. With Pure Audio Navigation, you also have the same operation as with a CD. Without a screen, sound formats can be selected directly via color keys on the remote control. This way you are right in the centre of things at home instead of just in front of them!

The next
presentation dates

Find the next demonstration also near you. Together with our partners, Visions of Sound organizes screenings all over Germany.

Demonstrations typically last 30 to 45 minutes and require advance registration. You will find the link to the registration under the respective date.

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Dates for the fall can be booked from mid-September.

Uhrzeit: …

HiFi Forum GmbH
Breslauer Str. 29
91083 Baiersdorf

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expert Hartmann
Illesheimer Str. 13
91438 Bad Windsheim

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Uhrzeit: ..

GROBI.TV – Heimkino und mehr
D.+P. Schappert GmbH
Industriestraße 25
41564 Kaarst

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Uhrzeit: ..

Könneritzstr. 13
01067 Dresden

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Uhrzeit: ..

Hört sich Gut an GmbH
Zimmerstrasse 8
33602 Bielefeld

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Uhrzeit: ..

HiFi im Hinterhof GmbH
Großbeerenstraße 65/66
10963 Berlin

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Recommendation of the month

You can experience and purchase the recommendation of the month live at our retail partners every month!

Pre-orderable recommendations of the month are available exclusively from our partners before publication!

Boris Blank

As a member of the Swiss cult band Yello, Boris Blank has been shaping the development of electronic music for over four decades. Even as an established solo artist, the sound visionary has anchored his unmistakable DNA in global pop culture, which is still quoted by current acts today.

With “Resonance”, Boris Blank has released his third studio album, on which he defies the laws of space and time with a weightless fusion of ambient, trance and electro! The twelve tracks on “Resonance” were originally commissioned for the FORTYSEVEN thermal spa near Zurich, designed by Swiss star architect Mario Botta.

Stefan Bock and Stefan Zaradić from IAN Records used the “Spatial Sound Wave” system developed by the internationally renowned Fraunhofer Institute to create an elaborately staged 3D soundscape with meditative sounds for wellness and relaxation.

A completely new challenge for the notorious sound researcher, who ventures into previously undiscovered worlds of sound on his new album.

“I’ve always had a great affinity for wide, open spaces such as factory halls, underground car parks or even the mountains – and for the acoustic resonance that these spaces create,” says Boris Blank about the inspiration for “Resonance”. “Every room has its own unique vibrations. I like to penetrate these spheres and make them tangible with the help of music. The bigger, the more interesting. My aim this time was to make the spaces as big and wide as possible.”

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